Why will he cheat on you, depending on the sign. The horoscope of betrayal

In the case of zodiacs, the reasons for their infidelity vary according to their temperament, but also to what makes them happy. Some signs are easier to satisfy in some ways, while others seek happiness in someone else’s arms when the partner no longer gives them the same attention.

Here’s why he’ll cheat you, depending on the sign!


When he falls in love, the Aries are caught in the clutches of irreversible love. The man in the Aries zodiac is full of passion and love and can’t wait to share it with someone. However, the spirit of adventure always makes him push his partner to the limit. When the loved one is no longer willing to please him, he will start looking for someone else to make him happy.


For bulls, it is very important to be safe and feel that they belong to a person. That’s why they find it very difficult to let other people in their lives when the pair gives them everything they need. I love a lot and passionately and expect the same feelings from the person I love. If they are not emotionally satisfied, they will seek fulfillment with someone else. Read the sequel.