Horrific revenge after receiving indecent photo from an ‘admirer’ on his phone

Shannai Brooks-Jackson, a 24-year-old, received an indecent photo from Othello. Shocked, but deeply disgusted by his gesture, Shannai began to dig on social media in search of clues about the man. He soon found her mother and got in touch with her.

She sent him the same photo his son sent him, accompanied by the following message: “I just want you to know that your son thinks it’s O.K. to send women indecent pictures of him for no particular reason. You seem like a wonderful woman, I know you didn’t raise him like that. I think it’s time to remind her how to treat a woman, to show her the same respect that, I think, she wants you treated.”

And yet, Shannai didn’t get an answer she expected. Othello’s mother claimed the photo could not have been sent by her son. Furthermore, the woman wrote to him that his phone had most likely been stolen.

At the young woman’s insistence, however, the man’s mother promised to have a serious discussion with him.

After posting the news on social media, Shannai received both praise for courage and ingenuity, as well as criticism from those who felt that the mother had not the slightest guilt for her son’s behavior.