How actress Tora Vasilescu became infected with coronavirus 

“I took the coronavirus from my husband, although we protected ourselves as best we could. But my husband went to a friend’s for a coffee, whose wife had a cold, and at night he had a temperature of 38. I called the doctor, Gave him pills, took food to his door, but I don’t know how, after three days I took him too, even though I felt good,” Tora Vasilescu said.

“For a week it held me, I had a fever, but not high, then I lost my smell and I had a cough, then I panicked a little, but I had mild symptoms,” explained Tora Vasilescu.

‘I had some really pain in my back, I thought it was the muscles, but it didn’t go away, that’s when I realized it was from my lungs. The sequels are, after the X-ray came out small portions that look like matte glass on the lungs, but the doctor said it was good that they were small, then I also had trouble breathing, I had some air,” the actress recounted.