Do you want to have enviable MUSCATS on the balcony? Follow these simple and cheap tips for quick flowering

The bites are of different colors, there are many species, from simple to flowing geraniums, and worth all the effort to maintain them. Some smell excellent, and others are absolutely fascinating. It can easily withstand sunlight, which is why they go well even in the light during the day.

Here’s what you need to do to have beautiful bites for as long as possible:

1. To have as long as possible, make sure to buy the healthiest flowers with the green leaves. Mix the garden soil with sand and peat, so the bites will last longer and allow the water to drain more easily. If the geraniums grow more, i.e. they have their roots out, they must be moved immediately to a larger pot, otherwise they dry out. The stems of the older flowers are cut in half to favor the growth of new vlastari.

2. Bites are extremely sensitive to moisture, so they need good draining guesses, so to be drilled. Bites get sick most often from excess water. Make sure that the pot for these wonderful flowers is roomy, not crammed, to allow them to develop as much and more beautifully as possible.