Elena Merişoreanu, the first statements after the COVID-19 ORDEAL she went through – How the beloved artist feels

The folk singer was hospitalized at the “Matei Balș” Institute after being found positive with the SARS-CoV-2 virus almost two weeks ago.

Elena Merisoreanu told what she went through after being discharged nine days after her hospitalization. She was discharged sooner after she healed completely, the artist said.

The artist confessed that she was supposed to spend 14 days in the hospital, but she was discharged earlier after she was completely healed: “I stayed nine days, I was supposed to be 14, but my CT came out well in my lungs. It affected an eight percent lung, but I came out with zero.”

“I have colleagues who told me that I stayed there because they paid me. I don’t want them to get to the hospital, to see what it’s like. This disease is parsive”, said Elena Merişoreanu.

“I was lucky with the vaccine, at my age, with what health problems I have, I could not be anymore.

The care of those in the hospital left me speechless, from the janitor to the doctors, the nurses. They have wounds from the masks, and I did not recognize the doctor anymore, when on discharge she took off her mask. These people really work”, said Elena Merisoreanu, according to ziare.com.

The well-known folk singer, 72, has been immunized against the coronavirus. He arrived at the hospital three weeks ago after feeling quite unwell for 6-7 days, and doctors confirmed to him that it was not a severe cold, but about COVID-19. Elena Merisoreanu suffered from an average form of the disease.