Any housewife must find this out: The unknown secret about the banal baked peppers

Peppers are some of the healthiest vegetables we have during the summer. The analysis bulletin of the peppers reveals an exceptional natural composition, from vitamins to antioxidants and minerals, nutrients extremely beneficial in the proper functioning of the body.

The best form in which we can consume them is the raw one, in salads or in the form of fresh juice. But their healing virtues continue even after we pickle or bake them on the hob. The main active substance in peppers is called capsaicin and gives the color of the vegetable, most of which is found in the red ones.

This is an effective anticoagulant that helps prevent myocardial infarction and stroke.

Also, all varieties of peppers contain vitamin C in huge quantities, but green bell pepper has twice as much vitamin C as citrus, and hot red pepper contains 330% more vitamin C than an orange.

In 100 grams of peppers are found 125 mg of vitamin C, that is, 100% of the recommended daily dose. In the composition of the pepper is added 0.8 mg of vitamin B6 and 0.45 mg of vitamin K.

Vitamin A is also present, beta-carotene being a very powerful antioxidant, which counteracts the effects of free radicals and reduces the damage they cause to arteries, nerves and tissues, according to the