PHOTO | Johnny Depp’s ex-wife makes serious accusations. Amber Heard burst into tears at trial

The actress from the movie “Aquaman” recounted in tears, in the courtroom, a disturbing episode. Amber Heard confessed how her husband sexually assaulted her on the very night of the wedding.


“He picked up the phone… and he howled, from all his lungs: I hate you, I hate you, you ruined my life. As he howled, he picked up the phone and began to hit the wall with him, a wall that he had forcibly supported me against. All of a sudden, I became that phone,” Amber Heard recounted.

And that wasn’t all. The actress claims that Johnny Depp continued to behave violently.

“At one point, he carried a broken bottle next to my face, next to my jaw, and said he was going to chisel my face. He grabbed me by the neck and put himself on top of me. I looked into his eyes and it wasn’t him suddenly anymore, it wasn’t him, he saw black. I haven’t been so scared in my life. And all of a sudden I felt a pressure… a press,” Amber Heard confessed.

In reply, the famous actor claims that in fact he was the one assaulted, and his ex-wife now plays the role of victim.

“Yes, that sure is me, after I got punches in the face from Mrs. Heard,” Johnny Depp said.

The actor sued Amber Heard in 2016 for defamation after she accused him of domestic violence during the divorce trial. Depp first testified before the judges on April 19.