Weekend horoscope October 1-2: Dreams come true for this sign! A golden period follows

ARIES – Keep in mind that you will not get results if you act chaotically and make big plans – you need to be as goal-oriented as possible and work hard.

TAURUS – Be willing to compromise and work in a team – both with your loved ones at home and with your colleagues at work.

GEMINI – Today, finish your most important tasks before noon – later in the day, you’ll probably encounter unexpected obstacles and you’ll have to make a greater effort.

CANCER – Avoid confronting the people closest to you, because there is a risk of losing your temper. Your attention may be directed to a goal related to creative achievement or children.

LEO – Today will be a fruitful day for you, as long as you are sensitive and do not give in to your momentary moods and emotions. You may be thinking about a purchase, spending money on a renovation, or making a decision that affects your finances.

VIRGO – Some of you will be more nervous today. Try to avoid conflicts of any kind.

LIBRA – Nervous tension will have a negative effect on you, so take the time to rest and do relaxing activities. Do not “harbor” bad feelings – all you do is burden yourself.

SCORPIO – The period is great to head to a new job or start a new project.

SAGITTARIUS – Some of your dreams can come true. If you’re planning a solid economic investment, now is the time to do it.

CAPRICORN – You will have a few full days professionally. Try to order your priorities and focus on the most urgent things.

AQUARIUS – You are likely to meet new people and new successful and lasting friendships may be born.

PISCES – This weekend you will dedicate it completely to your family. For their sake, you find fantastic energy resources in you.