Mask with aspirin and olive oil. How to prepare it and what benefits it has for the skin

The application of aspirin to the skin brings a number of benefits, since the active ingredient present in aspirin – salicylic acid – can exfoliate the skin. You can create your own mask with aspirin, using simple ingredients, to treat various skin problems. The mask with aspirin and olive oil is really an affordable treatment that really works!

How the mask works with aspirin and olive oil Aspirin contains a crystalline compound, known as acetylsalicylic acid, which is derived from salicin, a substance naturally present also in some plants. Salicylic acid is commonly used in most anti-acne products. It is rich in antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents that work effectively for the treatment of acne.  It can be used to treat various skin problems such as: – Blackheads, acne and pimples- Red spots on the face- Irritation on the skin- Sensitive and flaky skin- Oily skin- Dilated pores Read more on the