Viral images. King Charles, surprised with torn socks in public – How the British reacted

King Charles III went to one of the holiest places in all east London and displayed himself with torn socks in public. Charles and Queen Consort Camilla on Wednesday visited a historic mosque on Brick Lane in east London, the symbol of the Bangladeshi community in London. Members of the British royal family were greeted by a group of dancers with colorful traditional costumes who laid flower petals on their way to the mosque.

For the event, King Charles chose a long black coat over a shirt and a tie, while Camilla donned a long, elegant, white coat. When they arrived at the mosque, Camilla put a headscarf on her head.

They stopped to shake hands and exchange a few words with some of the people who had been waiting for them in front of the place of worship.

A photo taken inside of King Charles in his socks went viral after revealing that he had a torn sock. When it came time to take off his shoes, to observe the customs inside the mosque. In the picture you can see a hole in the sock on his right leg.

However, the Internauts were not so outraged after the viralization of King Charles’ broken sock. They commented that the king “is one of ours, of us”, “is just like us” or “King Charles is truly one of us! Most of us have at least a pair of socks with a hole,” the Daily Express reports.

The fortune inherited by Charles after the death of Queen Elizabeth II is estimated to be somewhere between £370 and £430 million, in personal assets, which include art, jewellery, real estate and other investments, as well as balmoral and Sandrigham castles.

The visit to the mosque takes place exactly three months before charles’ official coronation ceremony. Buckingham Palace has announced that the coronation ceremony will last three days – May 6-8, 2023.  be a three-day event that will begin on May 6 and end on May 8.

Photo source: Profi Media