Huge mourning in the world of television in Britain. Queen Camilla, grieving

Paul O’Grady passed away “unexpectedly but quietly” at the age of 67, the radio and television man’s partner announced.

<p dir="ltr" data-placeholder=”Translation”>O’Grady became famous in the 1990s with his Scottish transvestite character Lily Savage. He was a close friend of the British Royal Family, and a special friendship for him was a special friendship with Queen Camilla. Last year, Paul appeared alongside the Queen Consort for an episode of “The Love of Dogs.”

According to tabloid media, it was also O’Grady who warned Meghan Markle, before marrying Prince Harry, that she would not have an easy life as a member of the Royal Household.

The presenter had recently left BBC Radio 2 after 14 years, confirming reports that this had happened because he was unhappy with sunday afternoon’s air run. O’Grady was due to present a show on Boom Radio on Easter Sunday.