The test of the ideal holiday. What image attracts you? The answer will tell you more about yourself, but also about how others perceive you

Look at the image below and choose the place where you see yourself on an ideal holiday.

First picture: mountain scenery

If you are most attracted to the summer landscape in the mountains, with white flowers in the foreground, a lot of greenery and a lonely cottage, you are a dreamer and a romantic, writes the Parents’ Advice. You have a quiet character, you are quite silent and you never rush things. You think you’re kind of shy and you know you need more courage to achieve your goals.

What others think of you: you are a trustworthy person and a friend they can rely on, you are balanced and you know how to judge things by taking into account both logical arguments and feelings. Friends turn to you when they need advice, but especially someone who has the patience to listen to them.

Second picture: autumn landscape

Slightly melancholic and pessimistic, you have little confidence in yourself and do not let yourself be attracted by adventures or risky situations. You are a lover of beauty, you like art, you cultivate yourself and you read a lot. You are curious and you are always up to date with the news in various fields, but you satisfy this curiosity by sitting on TV or on the Internet, in the comfort of your home. You travel a little and only when you feel the need for a longer vacation.

How others see you: you are an intelligent person, with many qualities, but who does not know how to value them; you are admired for your spirit and cleverness, you are asked for advice in various situations, but never in relation to love or family relationships. Close people consider you a pretty good friend, but they know that you also have a dose of selfishness and that, most of the time, you put yourself first. They believe that you do not get involved with all your soul in any relationship, except in the lives of your children.

Third image: urban landscape

If you have chosen the image of this small town with medieval allure, full of greenery and special architectural details, you are an open, communicative and even popular person. You think a little differently from the others, you are original and you get out of the patterns, without putting much effort. For you, your family, children and dear friends represent the entire universe and you are happy when you can be with them for as long as possible.

What others think of you: you will be surprised to learn that some of your girlfriends consider you capricious and changeable; they would like to have more confidence in you and be closer, but you sometimes tend to move away and take care of yourself alone. People who know you know that you are influenced more by emotions, signs and superstitions than by the facts themselves.

Fourth image: the exotic landscape

You are attractive, especially for the opposite sex, you are bold and cheerful, always looking for news, activities or surprises to entertain you. You love traveling, adventures and parties, even if you don’t always have the money to satisfy these desires. You are sociable, but you only offer your sincere friendship to a small number of people, in whom you trust the most.

How others see you: everyone knows that you have a good soul, that you are caring with people close to you and that you try to help, when someone needs you. But you’re pretty shallow and can’t rely on you in really difficult situations. For men, you are rather a fragile woman. For women, you are a pleasant company, but do not reveal their secrets to you for fear that you will not understand and respect them.