Weekend horoscope February 17-18, 2024. The stars stir up a real whirlwind of emotions. Three zodiac signs manage not to let themselves be carried away

On the other hand, Venus, the planet of love, entered the restless and unconventional sign of Aquarius on February 16, 2024, and this transition brings with it unexpected energies and influences this weekend as connections are made in unusual ways and ideas of love are viewed under a different light.


This weekend promises to be extremely quiet for you, especially if you have not left unresolved chores at work. You will most likely spend these two days surrounded by friends and/or relatives and feel great!


It is not excluded that an older medical problem will reappear at the end of this week. Therefore, you may cancel certain plans and have to improvise. Fortunately, you also do very well in the face of unforeseen situations so there will be no great difficulties for you!


You have to take advantage of the free time you have to rest and relax! In other words, put your worries aside and do only what you really enjoy: shop, run, go out, etc. Do not think about money, fortunately your financial situation has improved considerably!

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You need to have an honest discussion with your life partner because lately the relationship between you has deteriorated considerably! Do not allow coldness and indifference to set in because it will be much harder for you to fix things afterwards!


You are going through a very good and quiet period from all points of view. However, the same cannot be said for your colleagues! If you can, do something to help them without expecting anything in return!


The first day of the weekend will be extremely relaxing for you. However, do not lie on one ear because the situation is constantly dynamic and can change at any time! You need to stay focused, especially in the evening!


You will have a lot of expenses during these two days and, because of this, you will be more stressed than usual, writes eva.ro. However, you should not worry too much because you have some people who can lend you at any time!

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Don’t wait for a miracle to happen for you! You have to fight for your right even if you face all kinds of difficulties! When you feel that you are lost in legislative thickets, trust the services of a specialized lawyer, he will manage to enlighten you instantly!


If you’re a parent, you might be experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions this weekend, mainly caused by your child’s health. As much as possible, keep calm and lucid because such qualities are essential in such moments!


You are involved in many activities and tend to forget the main goals you pursue. You have to make certain compromises and selections because, otherwise, you will disappoint certain people!


You need to be more careful, especially when you put your signature on important documents! Otherwise, you’ll most likely be the first person held accountable when things don’t work out as they should! Learn to anticipate and protect yourself!


If on Saturday you do many things for your relatives or friends, you will have a Sunday just for yourself. Basically, no one will bother you anymore and you will manage to pamper yourself as you have wanted for a very long time! It can be watching your favorite series or, why not, reading a passionate novel!

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