A truly persevering person. He took the driving test 59 times, but he always failed it in the gym!

A person from Arad has tried, in recent years, 59 times to obtain a driving license, but each time he failed the theoretical test, which is also the record held by a candidate from the county, where the passability at this exam was about 40% in 2023. According to information sent on Monday by the Arad Prefecture, more than half of the candidates in Arad who took the exam for obtaining the driving license were rejected last year. Data taken by the prefecture from the Community Public Service for Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registrations show that, in 2023, 11,411 examinations were held in the theoretical test and 4,809 candidates were admitted. Thus, the passability is about 42%. In the practical test, there were 14,396 examinations, and 6,236 candidates were admitted (43% passability). The passability in 2023 was similar to that of 2018, five years earlier, when 41.92% of candidates were admitted to the exam. In Arad County, the record of attempts to obtain a license belongs to a person who took the theory exam 59 times over several years, without being passed until now.