Fine for a club in Mamaia after a Puya concert with over 500 people

“Following the images broadcast in cyberspace, the police officers carried out checks at a club in the resort of Mamaia Nord, where it was found that between 19:00 and 19.30 a performance took place by the artist Puya, in which more than 500 spectators participated, contrary to the legal provisions,” IPJ Constanta reported.

For this reason, the club was fined 10,000 lei.

And the organizers of an electronic music festival, in the area of a campsite in Năvodari, received no less than four fines: one worth 30 thousand lei because the people there did not take into account the physical distance, two of 2,500 lei from the ISU and another of 1,500 lei because the music was too loud.

On the first day of the weekend 300 police and gendarmes carried out checks and gave penalties of over 100 thousand lei. On the Black Sea coast there are at least 100,000 tourists, and safety rules are often violated, especially in terms of wearing the mask and respecting social distance.

photo source: FB/Puya © Scandalous Music