Horoscope September 29. Zodia who is disappointed in everyone. No one gets into his good graces


You think your partner has let you down and you’ll tell him very clearly how. Don’t make any expectations about his response…


You enjoy talking to your friends about your old passions. You might want to pick up one of them.


The stars challenge you to change something when you look or in your wardrobe. Today you have your words.


You’d like a few moments of solitude, but family members won’t let you.


You tell your partner that you’re bored and that you want him to come up with a new idea about how to spend your time. You’ll wait long and well.


You’re too stubborn and you won’t get along with anyone. So don’t pretend that the people around you spend a lot of time with you.


You want to be invited to an event and do your best to do so.


If you’re not careful, some gestures can expose you. And the partner will discover what you’ve been hiding from him for a while, and he’ll be upset.


All day you’re concerned about a work project. You’re afraid that tomorrow you have to turn him in.


The happiness of others is not yours. You explain to them that you enjoy life differently, but they won’t understand.


You’re pulling on yourself today. You’re lehamite of all and all. Try to maintain your energy.


You notice your partner and you want to teach him to react differently at certain times. This is not a good time.