EMAG Day is a new Black Friday. The code that brings you all the discounts

The eMAG discounts of 3 December 2020 are explained HERE. The discount code is “eMAG19years”.

As I was saying, eMAG began its story in 2001, when Radu Apostolescu, Dan Teodosescu and Bogdan Vlad made an online store of computing systems and office products. The store started to get better and better, and in the years that followed it managed to attract the attention of several companies.

The story of eMAG in Romania – how it took shape

The one who took the decisive step was Asesoft Distribution, which in 2009 bought 51% of the shares and appointed Iulian Stanciu as managing director.

He was also the man who relentlessly developed his online store and related business ever since.

In just three years after Stanciu’s arrival, a huge investment group, Naspers, decided to buy 70% of the shares of eMAG. The South Africans at Naspers, however, continued to go to Stanciu, who remained general manager of the company.

The year 2014 saw the exit of all the founders from the eMAG landscape. Teodosescu and Vlad had left the business a few years earlier, and in 2014 Apostolescu also retired. His shares were shared by Naspers and Iuian Stanciu, with South Africans 74.2 per cent and Iulian Stanciu being 25.8 per cent.

eMAG.ro was not the only product in the group. In 2013, they took over Conversion Marketing, and in 2015 and 2016, two powerful online stores on their niches, Fashion Days (fashion) and PC Garage (IT products).

eMAG, the online store that brought Black Friday to Romania

There were also the years of eMAG enlargement in countries such as Bulgaria, Hungary and Poland. To the neighbours south of the Danube, emag.bg was even a great success, having a significant share of the online market.

eMAG is also the store that brought the Black Friday concept to Romania. In 2011, he organized the first Black Vine in online commerce in Romania, and since then he does it year after year, always on a Friday in November.

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