Change to the Face of God. Why it’s not good to argue today

In popular tradition it is said that on August 6th it is not good to argue with anyone, nor to be scolded by someone, that you will be all year. Girls are advised not to comb on this day, because their hair no longer grows, as no grass grows. It is also an important moment in the wine calendar: on this day no work is done and the church goes to the new harvest, blesses and divides.

During this period to sanctify the gardens, the wheat grains for sowing, the crops. “Believers take to the church the fruits they have to be blessed by the priest and shared with the poor. Also, the living must not forget the ones who have been passed away, but make alms in their memory and soul. This feast shows us the moment of the Lord’s wonderful change to the face, in Mount Tabor, in the presence of disciples Peter, James, and John. From the Gospels we learn that when His face stood like the sun and his clothes were white as light suddenly Moses and Elijah, Moses who represented the Law and Elijah who represented the prophets of the Old Testament,” explains Father Paul Tudorache, parish priest at the church of St. Cuvius Parascheva in Calarasi.

If on the Day of Change to face the weather is sunny and pleasant, autumn will be a fruitful and rich one. Instead, if it rains, autumn will be a dreary one. In the people it is said that if in the post of the Assumption it rains a lot, the winter to come will be one full of snow, writes It is good that, until this date, the peasants finish mowing and gathering hay. From now on grass and flowers only age, diminishing the quality of the feed. Now the last cure plants are being harvested.

On this day you can also start tasting the grapes. Although they are not yet ripe and your mouth is squeezed from them, tradition assigns them a healing role and is said to be good for those who have sensitive intestines.