How to make a man want you, depending on the zodiac sign. The gesture that conquers him permanently

So how do you make the one you like want you to want you? We discovered some secrets, which the stars hid well, about how you could make him want you according to the zodiac sign.


The man from the sign of Aries is passionate and full of energy in an instant, so that in the next moment he will have a cold look if there is something wrong. To make him want you even more, you need to resume the creative process, and, with the quiver of ideas full, warm his heart again. A bold and lively attitude will attract his attention on the spot and he will want to get to know you. Self-confidence is a trait that makes Aries jump. When you show your sensitivity, your romantic spirit and your femininity, you conquer on the spot an Aries who wants a woman with him in the truest sense of the word.


Taurus is the symbol of stability, being the sign of earth. He is silent and persevering in achieving his goal once he has set it. He is attracted to the luxurious lifestyle, and a woman who has such preferences makes him vibrate, wanting to be close to him. A woman who appreciates her practical sense, with a healthy dose of romance and solid values in terms of her personality will always be close to a native in Taurus. What delights a man in Taurus is the feminine, lady-like attitude of a woman, with delicate and neat gestures. Don’t think about competing with sharp lines in public, because he’s going to feel inferior and try to stand out. Be thrifty in words when you go out with friends and offer them affection and love. Read more.