“Green blood”: the elixir-food that restores your health and cures obesity

Wheat grass has a history of over 5,000 years, being used by the ancient Egyptians who discovered that it keeps them healthy and gives them vitality.

In the civilized world, the consumption of young wheat began much later, around the 1930s, following the results obtained in experiments to popularize the plant.

The benefits of juice from wheat grass

1. Chlorophyll can be extracted from many plants, but the wheat grass is superior, because it has been discovered that it contains over 100 elements that man needs, writes frunza-verde.ro. If grown in good soil, without chemicals, it absorbs 92 of the 102 minerals in the ground.

2. It is a powerful liver detoxifier. Enzymes and amino acids present in wheat juice can protect us from carginogenics more than any drug in the world. They strengthen the cells, detoxify the liver and the blood course, chemically neutralize any polluting environment in our body encountered in its path.

3. Fights tumors and neutralizes tumors.

4. Turn our body into an alkaline environment, in which the disease can not develop. The abudence of alkaline minerals removes the very acidic environment from our body.

5. It contains all the minerals that man needs and vitamins, A, complex of vit.B, C, E and K.

6. Reduces blood pressure, dilating in its transit the ways through which blood circulates.

7. Stimulates the thyroid gland by controlling obesity and everything related to the function of this gland.