Shocking new details about Madalina Manole. Silviu Dumitrescu flips the cards

“She suffered from this depression in silence and it never occurred to anyone that it was so serious,” Silvia Dumitrescu said. Although she remembers that when she met Madalina, she was sociable, smiling and full of life, Silvia says that she faced hard times, when she did not sleep and was always nervous. The artist was afraid to go to the doctor for fear of the press, which was always watching her, according to Realitatea Plus.Madalina Manole faced more problems than she let on. The artist never had a very good relationship with her parents. “She told me that her mother never praised her after an appearance or concert. In 1988, Mădălina Manole met composer Șerban Georgescu, to whom she was married for several years. The two divorced due to the composer’s infidelity. Silvia Dumitrescu says that Madalina went through extremely difficult moments after breaking up with him. Madalina Manole died on July 14, 2010, her 43rd birthday. The famous artist was found in her home in Otopeni and the cause of death was ingesting Furadan, a very toxic pesticide that kills in minutes. Just one day before the tragic event, she had spoken to her family and even invited them to her home to celebrate together.