Love horoscope, week of November 27 – December 3. The stars are clear: Either end the toxic relationship or turn it into a healthy one

A powerful influence is brought by the Full Moon in Gemini on November 27, whose energy allows lovers to explore feelings and find a way to reconcile both heart and mind. Thus, this period offers a unique opportunity to transform toxic relationships into promising and healthy partnerships. At the same time, it is very likely that the signs that feel unhappy in love will realize that it is time to start all over again and make major changes in their love life.

Partners who already have a welded relationship will still enjoy their love, but they will also face small obstacles. This week can shake couples who do not yet have big plans for the future.

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On November 28, the Moon in Gemini will come into opposition to Mercury in Sagittarius, and their energies will cause tension between lovers. On this day, the halves of the whole will fight for supremacy and, finally, they will realize that this confrontation of egos cannot end in favor of any of them. The key is communication, based on listening to your partner, who surely has something to say.

The next day, the Moon moves into Cancer, making the natives of the zodiac realize how much they need stability. Therefore, they will work on improving already existing connections.

And the end of the week brings challenges for the signs in love. The square formed between Venus in Libra and Pluto in Capricorn could shake up relationships, no matter how welded they may be. Problems should be solved in their depth, not just on the surface. Otherwise, their root will remain and destabilize couples as it grows again.


If you are already in a relationship, you need to pay more attention to your partner. If you avoid dating, your love will gradually fade and you will be left alone. If you are not a mate yet, you need to pay attention to the gestures of the people you let approach you.

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You may be going through a trial these days, and your boyfriend’s support will prove to you that you are not alone in struggling with problems. You need to enjoy more of all the support you get from the person next to you.


It’s time to act on your own and make your own love choices. Your friends and family can’t make decisions on your behalf or decide who is right for you. Trust your intuition!


Almost every day of the week there will be a conflict between you and your partner. Try to handle tense situations patiently and not argue endlessly with the man in front of you. Only communication will help you overcome this difficult chapter in your couple life.

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You should reduce the number of promises you make to your soulmate. Lately you haven’t been able to keep your word every time, and his grievances will get to you soon. Do your best to balance the scales these days.


Your relationship will encounter many difficulties between November 27 and December 3, precisely because you ignored the small problems that appeared along the way. Do not be discouraged by the gravity of the situation, but try to solve it somehow.


You will stay away from the emotional conflicts you see on the horizon. Unfortunately, fear of failure could cost you more than failure itself. You risk missing out on meeting the love of your life, precisely because you want to avoid rejection or disappointment. How do you know it won’t work?


This week you will be caught in a rollercoaster of emotions, writes DivaHair. It is not excluded to fall in love and repress your feelings for fear of suffering again. The stars recommend you to give love a new chance, especially if you want to be happy and if you have been waiting for a long time.

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You will feel attracted to flirting with other people, and your relationship may suffer. At least try to avoid obvious gestures made in front of your lover. You may need to ask yourself whether or not you want to stay with him/her.


In your case, the stars seem to have aligned perfectly. You will have no problems in the relationship and you will even enjoy special moments in the company of your other half. Try not to let anyone interfere between you!


If you’re not in a relationship yet, there’s a good chance you’ll get close to someone this week. It’s a good time to make strong connections. And if you’re already in a couple, you might struggle to take care of your soulmate’s emotional state.


It is not excluded that a former partner may try to resume the relationship. Remember that a broken mirror can no longer be repaired and move forward without looking back. This is the advice the stars have for you this week.

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