Adorable! A GREEN furry puppy was born in Sardinia. Explanation of researchers

Cristian Mallocci, a farmer from Sardinia, had a shock when he went to the place of his puppy, Spelacchia. She had been born, overnight, 5 chicks of all beauty! One, however, immediately caught his attention: it was green as pistachios! And Pistachio sits his name…

It is extremely rare for a dog to be brought into the world with green fur, but Pistachio is not the only one. According to the researchers, this is what happens when light-colored furry puppies come into contact, during their intrauterine life, with a green pigment called biliverdine. It is the same pigment that causes the appearance of shades of green around the bruises.

And yet, attract the attention of experts, Pistachio will not enjoy too much special fur. This will gradually fade as the puppy grows. Until then, however, Cristian plans to train him for the herd, the farmer dealing, among other things, with the raising of sheep.