bizarre. An anonymous man bought the invisible sculpture. video

Italian artist Salvatore Garau has sold a non-existent work of art at auction. This “sculpture” entitled “Io sono” was sold on May 18 th, during a session organized by the Milanese house Art-Rites, specializing in contemporary art, Le Figaro reports.

According to El National, the estimate was set at 6,000 euros, but after bidding from several potential buyers, one of them – who remains anonymous – bought “Io sono” for 15,000 euros.

The space, which will house the work, must meet several criteria, according to the artist: it will have to be an empty room, in a private house, whose center is free in order to place “Io sono”.

The work, which measures 1.5 square meters, will be bounded by a tape glued to the floor. The buyer will not have to take any steps to receive this invisible creation, the only document that will be sent to him is a certificate of warranty and authenticity.

Salvatore Garau, 67, claims himself as an artist of the void. He invokes philosophy and religion to justify the exorbitant price of this work.

“The void is nothing but a space full of energies, and even if we empty it, according to the principle of Heosenberg’s uncertainty, the vacuum has a weight,” he pleads. In it, it has an energy that condenses and turns into particles that are in us. After all, don’t we give form to a God we’ve never seen?”

His invisible sculpture “Buddha is contemplation” was exhibited in the center of the square in front of the Scala theatre in Milan. A very frequented place where many could imagine opera.