Nostradamus’ horrifying prophecies about the Russia-Ukraine war have come true

Nostradamus’ quatrains also speak of an invasion of Romania by its eastern neighbors, russia will start a new war.

For those who believe in such things, the year 2021 is the last in which we will have peace and quiet. That’s because according to an interpretation of Nostradamus’ quatrains, Romania will be the first country annexed by Russia, the country to start a new World War.

Nostradamus’ prophecies about the Russia-Ukraine war. The book “Les Proph√©ties” is full of lyrical prophecies, most of them about wars, natural disasters, assassinations, nuclear attacks and revolutions. Many of the prophecies of Nostradamus have come true over the centuries.

Although they are quite vague, so that they can be interpreted in any possible way, its quatrains also contain many facts that happened exactly as they were foretold.

Among the predictions made by Nostradamus, there is one related to the Russia-Ukraine war, which broke out on February 24, 2022, with the invasion of Ukraine.