5 reasons to have a cat in the house. The conclusions of scientists will surprise you

1. Cats wash themselves

Cats are clean almost 100% of the time. That means you don’t have to take the time out of your day to perform a somewhat heavy task of washing and caring for your cat.


2. Cats will drive away the rodents of your home and yard

If you are not a fan of rodents in your house, the cat will immediately take care of it. Your cat can even bring you the prize to make you proud!


3. Cats require low maintenance and are independent

If you think you don’t have the time or energy to own a pet, then a cat might be perfect for you. Caring for a cat requires less responsibility than other animals. Those who have full-time jobs can be reassured, knowing that their kitty can take care of itself for the most part. And when you have extra time, sitting with your cat will make you feel better than ever.


4. Cats are an ecological choice as pets

Having a “green” lifestyle can be difficult, but a cat is a great choice for potential pet owners who want to stay environmentally friendly. Studies show that the resources needed to feed and care for a cat have a smaller carbon footprint than for other animals, according to stiai.net.


5. Cats can help reduce stress

We all get stressed out, and people have many different ways to relieve their stress. Cat owners can reduce the accumulated tensions by stroking their friend’s head furry. Stroking a cat releases endorphins into the brain, which makes you happier. Also, cats have the softest fur!