The 10-second test that gives everyone headaches. Only 1 in 100 people find the animal in the picture

The optical illusion centers on a cute old man. He wears a beret on his head, has a long beard and looks a bit angry. It’s just that somewhere in this drawing there is also an animal. Did you see it?

The answer must be given in less than five minutes, a task that seems almost impossible. This test can truly prove intelligence and distinguish the smartest of people.

The drawing is already viral on social media, where netizens tried to give the correct answer. Some were wrong, but others found the animal from the difficult optical illusion.

1% of the population gives the right answer

The cartoonist claims that the task is difficult, especially since even the man who made this drawing, Russian cartoonist Valentine Dubinin, says that only 1% of the world’s population can relax where the animal is.

If you studied the picture and did not find the animal, it means that we must also give you the correct answer. A tip before doing this is to look closely at the picture, but with your head rotated to one side.

You should see where the animal actually is in this troublesome optical illusion. The animal is upside down. Thus, we can only see it when we turn the image completely.

Then we will see a cute puppy with many hairs and holding a bone with his paws. And the old man’s beard in the optical illusion is the tip of the puppy’s head.

If you managed to guess the correct answer, then congratulations! You belong to that category of special people. That is, a true genius, who has a much more developed attention than ordinary people, who, at least in Romania, has an average IQ between 90 and 110.