The truth about RUCOLA. Why does people think it’s dandelion?

Is arugula dandelion or not? This is the question that many housewives ask themselves. And the answer is NO! Although both arugula and dandelion leaves can be used for salads and have many similar properties, the 2 plants belong to different families.

Thus, arugula is actually part of the brassicaceae family, which means that it is related to broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage.

Related to the confusion with dandelion, it is interesting that arugula has always grown in our country and is called VOINICIC─é, being known in the countryside as a medicinal plant.

Arugula improves immunity, regulates blood cholesterol levels and has antioxidant action. With very few calories and an intense taste, arugula is a plant that you should not miss when you are on a diet, being also one of the best sources of vitamin K, an essential vitamin for bone and brain health.